FAQ: Quests’ completion

What do you need to complete city quest?

  • Nothing extra ordinary necessary. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and charging your gadget before quest. In some routes there are audio materials, you can take the headphones or speaker for convenience.

When it is possible to complete city quest?

  • Any time 24h a day and 7 days in a week. You do not need to book anything, you decide when to pass the quest-tour, even at night. The unique code of the quest-tour has no expiration date, so the quest-tour can be completed right after purchase or in a year, for example.

How many persons can complete quest?

  • You can pass a quest-excursion in the company from 1 to 5 people. We do not recommend that you pass the quest tour more by the company, otherwise your interest in participation may be lost.

How to complete quests and routes?

  • During quest completing, you can pause and continue when you want.Get tasks and find them. Once you arrive at the desired location, the application will show you the next event. If you can not find a place, use the compass, it will indicate the direction and tell how many meters you need to go through.Look for answers to questions in the city. Answer the questions, and if the answer is correct, the application will show you the next event. If you do not know the answer or if all the options are incorrect, use the “Skip event” button or use the hints.You can at any time go through a training quest or to learn how to use the application.

Next task-event does not appear, what should I do?

  • Before passing the route, make sure that you have gps enabled in your gadget settings and in the application settings. Typically, the application itself suggests turning on gps the first time it is started.
  • Recommendations for iOS devices:
    • Check that you have issued permission to use your location and give notifications: Settings -> Questcity -> Geo Position -> Always and Notifications -> Tolerance of notifications.
    • Also, check that the “Content Update” in Settings -> Questcity is enabled.
    • Check that you are in the open, satellites should see you as well as you see them when you look at the sky (although they are too small to see them with the naked eye).
    • The included WiFi also helps a lot when determining your geolocation, if you get into the WiFi network. Your device automatically remembers the coordinates where it found this network, so it will be much faster and more convenient to receive geo-notifications if WiFi is turned on.
    • Try it is at the point that you think exactly fits the quest description for more than 30 seconds, sometimes iOS analyzes your movements for a long time, so it takes more time to understand whether you are inside the desired region where the event should occur

FAQ: Quests’ construction

What time and place of quest or event are used for?

  • If you specify the place or time of the event in the quest-tour, then you do not have to control the process of quest completion, because everything will work automatically.You can also specify the place and time of the event at the same time. For example, it is necessary when in the context of the quest-excursion you lead a participant to a movie session and he can not be late for it. But if the participant comes before the right time, he will also receive the next event, and he will not have questions about his further actions. You do not need to worry that a participant may deviate from the route.

How to create puzzle or event in quest?

  • When creating a new event, indicate in the conditions of its “After the answer to the question”.
  • In this case, the next event will come only after the correct answer to your question in the previous event.
  • Use photos, animations, audio or text and specify the correct answer in the bottom block.
  • You can specify the answer options with one correct or ask the user to enter the correct answer by first writing in all possible options for the correct answer. An example of an answer with several correct answers “egg”, “egg”, “eggs”, the system will take each of these answers as correct, it is very convenient when the answer can be written in different ways.
  • If you use open-ended questions, you can add hints and charge penalty points for their use when passing. Hints to users will be shown sequentially when they are used.

Is it possible to create quest from Questcity mobile app?

  • Yes, you can do this from a personal computer or in a mobile application in real time. A convenient mobile version of the quest-excursion designer will help to specify the place of occurrence of events with an accuracy of up to 20 meters and you can immediately fill with audio or photo materials the quest-excursion.

How to share prepared quest with others?

  • After setting up the quest-excursion, you need to click on the button in the upper right corner, after which the quest-excursion will be checked and published. If your route contains more than 3 events, you will need to pay it. After payment of the quest-excursion, a unique code will be assigned, which you can send to any participant in any convenient way.

Can I make changes in quest after publication?

  • Yes, editing the quest-excursion after the publication of the route is possible at the “Premium” tariff.
  • If the route has already begun to pass and a critical error has been noticed, then participants need to remove the quest tour from the application and again download the same code. In this case, the history of the passage will be preserved.

Is it possible to change the event sequence?

  • Yes, hold down the event and move it in the desired order. Please note that the conditions for the event will be dropped so that you can correctly build a new logic for the completion of quest-tours.

Is it possible to set event change with press of the button?

  • Yes, specify in conditions of transition to a new event “After answering a question” and choose the answer options. If you leave one answer, it will be the button to go to the next event. For example, so you can make a button “next”

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